Renault Trucks E-Tech T Release (雷诺卡车 E-Tech T 发布)
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Exciting news! We’re happy to reveal that the Renault Trucks E-Tech T is the first electric vehicle to join Euro Truck Simulator 2 and is now available to drive through the Quick Jobs section in the game! Our continued partnership with Renault Trucks allows us to bring this cutting-edge, fully electric truck to our incredible community.
令人振奋的消息!我们很高兴地宣布,雷诺卡车 E-Tech T 是第一款加入 Euro Truck Simulator 2 的电动汽车,现在可以在游戏中的“快速作业”部分驾驶!我们与雷诺卡车的持续合作使我们能够将这款尖端的全电动卡车带到我们令人难以置信的社区。

Back in April, we announced that the E-Tech T would be the first EV in Euro Truck Simulator in this blog. This announcement was followed by Renault Trucks’ gracious invitation for us to attend the grand reveal event of the Renault Trucks E-Tech T, fondly dubbed the Good Truck, featuring the innovative LumiLor paint job, at their headquarters in Lyon. Following the reveal, Renault Trucks is currently taking this truck on a roadshow around Europe. It was a great pleasure to share this event with our #BestCommunityEver through a live stream directly from the venue. In that live stream, we also showcased the Renault Trucks E-Tech T in Euro Truck Simulator 2 for the first time ever, and you can watch the recording below!
早在 4 月,我们就在这篇博客中宣布 E-Tech T 将成为 Euro Truck Simulator 中的第一款电动汽车。在宣布这一消息之后,雷诺卡车盛情邀请我们参加雷诺卡车 E-Tech T 的盛大发布会,该车被亲切地称为 Good Truck,采用创新的 LumiLor 油漆工作,在其位于里昂的总部举行。在揭晓之后,雷诺卡车目前正在欧洲各地进行路演。很高兴通过直接从会场的直播与我们 #BestCommunityEver 分享这次活动。在那次直播中,我们还首次在《欧洲卡车模拟器 2》中展示了雷诺卡车 E-Tech T,您可以观看下面的录像!

Now let’s take a closer look at this electric marvel! The Renault Trucks E-Tech T features a regular Renault T cabin with a completely new interior and a 4×2 chassis. The drivetrain features three electric motors mounted alongside the gearbox in the middle of the chassis, collectively providing 490 kW of power.
现在让我们仔细看看这个电动奇迹!雷诺卡车 E-Tech T 采用普通的雷诺 T 驾驶室,采用全新的内饰和 4×2 底盘。动力传动系统在底盘中间的变速箱旁边安装了三个电动机,总共提供 490 kW 的功率。

The vehicle is equipped with a new fully digital dashboard computer that includes two screens. Additionally, a blind spot detector is integrated into the A-pillars. For the right-hand drive option, there is also a different interior layout. The E-Tech T also uses regenerative braking, which allows it to partially recharge using the engine brake or the service brake as much as 80 % of the energy invested in acceleration.
该车配备了新的全数字仪表板计算机,包括两个屏幕。此外,盲点检测器集成在A柱中。对于右舵驾驶选项,也有不同的内部布局。E-Tech T 还使用再生制动,这使得它能够使用发动机制动器或行车制动器进行部分充电,将高达 80% 的能量投入到加速中。

As we previously said, just like in the real world, transitioning to electric vehicles poses unique challenges in our virtual realm. While our team has worked tirelessly to bring the E-Tech T to ETS2, our in-game infrastructure isn’t fully ready to support electric vehicles. Gas stations, initially designed for traditional fuel vehicles, can’t easily become electric charging stations without major modifications.
正如我们之前所说,就像在现实世界中一样,过渡到电动汽车在我们的虚拟领域带来了独特的挑战。虽然我们的团队孜孜不倦地将 E-Tech T 带到 ETS2,但我们的游戏内基础设施还没有完全准备好支持电动汽车。加油站最初是为传统燃油车设计的,如果不进行重大改造,就不能轻易成为充电站。

Currently, we’re embarking on an experimental phase, our initial steps toward in-game electrification. That is why the E-Tech T, along with a few other electric trucks planned for the future, will be introduced in a special mode and will be accessible only through the Quick Jobs section with the delivery length for the E-Tech T limited to 300 km. In case you run out of power while on the road, we have implemented an emergency recharging service that can help you out for a fee. Our cautious approach ensures a smooth experience as we gradually integrate electric vehicles into our virtual world.
目前,我们正处于一个实验阶段,这是我们迈向游戏内电气化的第一步。这就是为什么 E-Tech T 以及未来计划推出的其他一些电动卡车将以特殊模式推出的原因,并且只能通过 Quick Jobs 部分访问,E-Tech T 的交付长度限制为 300 公里。如果您在旅途中电量耗尽,我们实施了紧急充电服务,可以付费为您提供帮助。我们谨慎的态度确保了在我们逐步将电动汽车融入虚拟世界时的流畅体验。

This update will not reset the in-game economy, so it may take some time for a quick job with the new E-Tech T to appear in your game. Please be patient and allow some in-game time to pass if you don’t see a quick job with this new truck right away.
此更新不会重置游戏内经济,因此可能需要一些时间才能快速使用新的 E-Tech T 出现在您的游戏中。请耐心等待,如果您没有立即看到这辆新卡车的快速工作,请留出一些游戏时间。

The introduction of the E-Tech T is a big milestone that marks the beginning of our journey toward in-game electrification – a historic moment for our community. We are more than proud that Renault Trucks has given us their trust to bring the beautiful and technologically advanced E-Tech T as the very first EV to our game. We eagerly await our community’s feedback on its quietness, acceleration, behaviour, and smoothness and hope you will have fun driving it in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
E-Tech T 的推出是一个重要的里程碑,标志着我们迈向游戏内电气化之旅的开始——这对我们的社区来说是一个历史性的时刻。我们非常自豪雷诺卡车给予我们的信任,将美观且技术先进的 E-Tech T 作为第一款电动汽车带到我们的游戏中。我们热切期待社区对其安静性、加速性、行为和平稳性的反馈,并希望您能在 Euro Truck Simulator 2 中享受驾驶它的乐趣。

Don’t forget that we’ve partnered with Renault Trucks for another community design, which you can still apply for! In this new contest, our community is invited to assist the Renault Trucks team in designing a second paint job for the E-Tech T truck. This design will later be recreated on another fully electric and real E-Tech T vehicle, and also in Euro Truck Simulator 2. All finalists of this design contest will receive an exclusive package of Renault Trucks and SCS Software merchandise, along with exciting gifts from another esteemed partner, Thrustmaster!
别忘了,我们已经与雷诺卡车合作进行了另一个社区设计,您仍然可以申请!在这项新竞赛中,我们的社区受邀协助雷诺卡车团队为E-Tech T卡车设计第二次喷漆工作。这种设计稍后将在另一辆全电动和真正的 E-Tech T 车辆上重现,并在 Euro Truck Simulator 2 中重现。本次设计竞赛的所有决赛入围者都将获得雷诺卡车和 SCS Software 商品的独家包,以及来自另一位受人尊敬的合作伙伴 Thrustmaster(图马思特)的激动人心的礼物!

We hope you are as excited as we are to try out this very first electric truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2! When you do, make sure to share your experience with us on our X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.
我们希望您和我们一样兴奋地在 Euro Truck Simulator 2 中试用这款第一辆电动卡车!当您这样做时,请务必在我们的 X/Twitter、Instagram、Facebook、YouTube 和 TikTok 上与我们分享您的体验。


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